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Web Site Evaluation Tools

Following are free tools that can help you evaluate your own web site:

  • W3C HTML, XHTML Validator - This tool will tell you how well your pages conform to HTML standards. The tool will help you identify problems in your pages. You want your pages to be error free so that the pages will display the same in various browsers and so that search engines will be able to digest the information properly. W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium.
  • W3C CSS Validator - Most modern web sites use cascading style sheets rather than tables. You want the style sheets to be error-free.
  • W3C Link Validator - Checks that links are valid and also provides the page load time.
  • Who Is by Domain Tools - You will see Title Relevancy, SEO Score and other information.
  • Self-Promotion - Compendium and step-by-step instructions on search engine optimization.
  • Webmaster Toolkit - Large number of Search Engine Optimization tools